11th Oct 2019

Make a Difference – Choose Wool

Knox rugs

October sees the start of the annual Wool Week, a chance to celebrate something Great Britain is well known for; its wonderful farmland, the countryside peppered with flocks of sheep, all of which are a plentiful and renewable source of wonderful wool.

At a time when easing climate change and looking after the environment is on everyone’s agenda, the search for sustainable and naturally sourced materials has become key, and that’s the message Campaign for Wool is championing this year: Natural, Renewable, Biodegradable.


Make A Difference – Choose Wool.
Every year sheep produce a new fleece; making wool a natural, renewable fibre source. Wool has inherent natural biodegradable properties in the land and ocean to benefit the planet which is choking from waste plastic, man-made and micro-fibres.
We can all make a difference by choosing wool to help safeguard the planet for future generations.”


Wool is such a versatile material, and many underestimate its natural performance benefits.

Not only is it 100% natural and used since the Stone Age to protect from all types of weather due to its natural insulating properties, it is also breathable.

The unique structure of natural wool fibres allow it to take in moisture (such as perspiration or atmospheric) and then release it again.

This is also a useful quality when it comes to the dying process, because dyes just love holding onto that wool and won’t let go! Not even when washed, now that is clever!

So here’s how can we reap all of those benefits of wool in our homes…



Many bed and mattress manufacturers have known about the secrets of wool for many years, creating the softest and most comfortable places to sleep whilst incorporating the perks of wool’s Hypoallergenic, Odour Resistant and breathable properties to help regulate your body temperature during the night.

Relyon Coniston bed

The fact that wool is also fire retardant in nature due to its high water and nitrogen content is a safety feature which would appeal to many.

UK manufacturers Relyon, Highgrove and Harrison produce mattresses filled with fine British wool for a luxurious sleeping experience, and with a wool mattress knowing you’re doing your bit to help the environment means you’ll sleep that little bit easier!

Wool mattressesLeft to right:

Relyon Coniston Natural Wool 2200 Double Mattress

Harrison Caracas 5700 Double Mattress

Highgrove Grange Ortho Double Mattress


Sofas & Chairs

We’re all a little nervous when choosing what sort of fabric to go for on our next sofa; will it stain, will it go out of shape, will it easily snag of tear?

The options these days are endless but wool stands out as being a good choice when you factor in that it naturally has a waxy coating on each fibre which protects from staining, plus they have anti-static qualities, meaning there will be less dust attracted to your beautiful furniture.

Saxby Harris Tweed sofa

Wool may look soft and delicate, but it’s actually pretty tough!

Wool is resistant to snagging and wrinkling, keeping its shape thanks to the elasticity provided by the crimped structure, making the product last longer.

Famous Scottish weavers Harris Tweed have been utilising wools secret weapons since 1846, and now this quality fabric has been used to create a beautiful collection of wool upholstery fabric used on sofas and chairs, worthy of investment because they will stand the test of time.

Left to right:

Saxby sofa, Leather and wool beanbag, Boscobel chair

Saxby 3 seater Sofa

Boscobel Chair

Leather and Wool Bean Bag Cube


Carpet and Rugs

For all of the benefits listed above you can understand why wool would be the ideal material to choose for a wool carpet and/or wool rugs.

Bear in mind that there are also microscopic scales in the wool fibres which trap and hold on to dust until vacuumed up, resulting in less floating dust in the air, essential if you or a member of your family suffer from dust allergies.

Knox rug and Starbourst rug

Resilient and hard wearing, fire retardant and hypoallergenic, mixed with selecting a product with less impact on the environment, what else would you want from a carpet?

Oh yes and sumptuously soft under your feet, tick!

Cousins has a large choice of natural wool carpets available to view in our stores, with expert advice on hand to make the right choice for you.


Wool rugs

Left to right:

Knox Ochre Rug 

Lotus Pink Rug

Starburst Rug


Natural wool mattress

Supported by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, the Campaign for wool is on a mission to raise awareness of how buying wool products really can make a difference to the environment, something we all need to think about.

To find out more about the Campaign and events during Wool Week, visit their website http://www.campaignforwool.org/





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