05th Jul 2019

Independent Retailer Month

There’s never been a better time to celebrate all things independent as we happily welcome Independent Retailer Month. For every £1 that is spent locally, between 50p and 70p recirculates back into the local economy, making independent businesses a vital part of the local communities they call home. Whilst larger national chains strive to be seen as convenient, in reality they can never offer the same tailored experience, with a customer focus, quite like a smaller business can. The aim of Independent Retailer Month is to impact, change and engage consumers and communities with the independent retail sector and understand all the benefits that come with them.



As we proudly celebrate our 34th birthday next month, we’ve always seen the communities our stores are proudly located in as a fundamental aspect of who we are as a business. Founded in 1984 by brother’s Robert and Edward and their cousin William, we opened our doors in Tyseley, Birmingham, on 17th August 1985, with John and Matthew, Robert’s sons, later joining the business. We’re unique in that we’re entirely family run and directly involved in all aspects. As an independent family business, we strive to be wholesome and engaging with a real value for ‘home’ and a passion in being able to help people along the way.


Whilst our roots are firmly set in the Midlands, we’ve also established ourselves in the North West. Our 3 stores each have over 85,000ft2 of showroom space, 6x larger than the average furniture store, as well as commended in-store restaurants. With customer satisfaction at the forefront, our friendly and knowledgeable staff, some of whom have been with us for over 30 years, take the time to guide customers around our inspirational room displays, show them an immeasurable selection of choice and focus on their individual needs. Our stores aren’t just a place for shopping; but rather a personalised experience that larger companies just can’t provide.



One of our greatest missions as an independent business is being able to offer outstanding quality at exceptional prices. Our buyers travel the world, building and maintaining great relationships with some of the finest brands, sourcing cutting-edge designs that are innovative and impeccably crafted. We especially value home-grown and so work closely with renowned British brands like Rest Assured and Harrison to the iconic Parker Knoll and Collins and Hayes. The fact we are a family business is one aspect where we can relate to our suppliers, many of which are also family run and share the same core values.  



As an independent retailer we’ve spent enough time with our customers to know furniture is cherished and treasured. Whilst we understand the desire for big brands, sometimes nothing beats the appeal of bespoke furniture and unique products. It’s one of the reasons we created the Cousins Bespoke collection, a high quality personal service. A symbolic representation of the distinctiveness of Cousins itself, customers can design something wholly unique and individual to their needs and tastes. It’s the perfect opportunity to be in control of everything from the specific fabric choice and desired comfort down to the intricate details to create something you’ll treasure for years to come.



“As a local independent business, Cousins is genuinely family-owned and managed, from the initial selection and buying process through to the merchandising of displays, staff training and customer service.

We’ve been dealing with the majority of our suppliers for decades; people we call friends who we work with from the initial design brief through to the final delivery to our customers and any feedback afterwards.”

John Shotton


“We constantly visit the factories of our suppliers. We go to shows all around the world – looking for exceptional products, maybe something a little bit different and see something we like, that we think people will buy. As an independent we can deliver an exceptional customer experience that’s flexible and tailored to each stores’ local area.

Unlike larger companies, we’re able to offer a more personal service, a fact that is reflected by our large number of repeat and recommended customers.”

Robert Shotton


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