16th Apr 2019

How a Bespoke sofa could be the answer to your seating dilemma

In a market where furniture trends are constantly changing, Bespoke gives you the opportunity to create something personal to you that will still have meaning in years to come. Custom-made sofas and chairs used to be a luxury however it’s become more affordable and accessible as demand grows. Bespoke furniture is not just about making slight alterations here or there it’s about creating tailor-made furniture that’s specific to your needs, that perfectly fits your space too.

Cousins Bespoke workshop

Cousins Bespoke Service gives you the opportunity to create something perfect for you from an unlimited choice of unique, high quality designs that have outstanding longevity. Provided by our own sofa workshop, everything is hand-made in the West Midlands for you. If you’ve got a seating dilemma, we have the solution, with expert’s on-hand to help you design your own sofa to your ideal style, exact measurements and personal comfort preferences. From the biggest families seeking a modular sofa to the smallest rooms that require specific measurements, our Bespoke service will help to create the vision you have in mind.

Cousins Bespoke workshop

Perfectly proportioned, Eddison has clean, understated lines and exquisite tailoring that make it a real showstopper. One of our newcomers, it’s neatly upholstered in a luxurious collection of opulent fabrics with an unrivalled deep-seat comfort. Its fine attention to detail is a throw-back to stylish mid-century sophistication.  

Eddison Fabric Velvet Sofas Cousins Bespoke Furniture

Style meets comfort in Joseph. Neat, compact proportions, stylish contemporary good looks and flexible versatility make it an ideal addition to everyday modern living. Generous high backs combine with quality interiors and luxurious feather accents. One of our firm favourites, Joseph is perfect for sitting back, relaxing and enjoying its classic comfort appeal.

Joseph Cornergroup Fabric Sofas Cousins Bespoke Furniture

Viera features a sleek, simple form and clean understated detailing that is precisely upholstered to provide one of the most contemporary sofa looks in our Bespoke collection. The storage footstool in this range is great for storing extra blankets and cushions or as a versatile coffee table when the lid is removed.

Viera Fabric Sofas Cousins Bespoke Furniture

The latest and most prestigious member of our exclusive Bespoke collection, Concordia has grand proportions and clean, elegant lines. Expertly upholstered in sophisticated chenille fabrics to create a stylish contemporary design, its low-set arms and deeply sumptuous seating make it perfect for stretching out and relaxing.

Concordia Fabric Sofas Cousins Bespoke Furniture

Cousins Bespoke; designed by you, crafted by us! Interested in designing your own dream sofa or chair?  Get in touch with us online or visit one of our Furniture Stores Near You now!

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