21st Feb 2020

Feature Walls Go Bold

Vintage elephant jungle wall mural

We’re taking a giant leap into the emerging trend the of next generation of feature walls; Wall murals.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve experimented with a feature wall or two. I started off with the alcoves either side of my chimney breast, a darker shade than the rest of the room and that was a daring step for me at the time.

10 years on and my feature walls have gone darker and bolder, mostly to fantastic affect as they can really inject atmosphere into a room without the need to risk the whole room being a deep shade of purple and regretting it. Believe me, I know.

Add a bold wallpaper feature wall and you’ve got an instant statement, however there are whispers online and amongst the interiors community that feature walls are no longer top of the home decor fashion pile, indeed there is a new trend emerging for the next generation of feature walls; Mural Walls.

They’ve been around for a while in brash and photographic form but now wall murals have stepped up several notches into beautiful works of art which are available in many subtle or large statement designs.

The inspiration brought to us daily via social media has shown us how you can achieve a stylish room by really going for it, so we thought we’d look at the options available, whether you’re taking a tentative wall mural step or striding head on into ‘can’t miss me’ wall mural wallpaper heaven, so read on and get lots of inspiration and hopefully the confidence to give it a go in your own home.


Nature in sepia

This original Victorian etching of an elephant amongst his tropical jungle surroundings is perfect for a vintage mural wallpaper.

Vintage elephant jungle wall mural

This mural is perfect if you’re feeling a little tentative about adding a theme, as the muted monochrome is a subtle way of adding wow factor and will blend with many styles of decor.

Available from muralswallpaper.co.uk 

(Furniture featured: Linum sofa)


Floral Impact

Walking into a room featuring this floral wall mural would certainly take your breath away!

Bold Floral wall mural pink

Definitely a statement, as long as furnishings with this living room mural wallpaper are kept minimal and the pink tones in the roses are carried through in accessories and accent pieces this will look beautiful, if you’re brave enough.

Available from muralswallpaper.co.uk

(Furniture featured: Crescendo sofa and Tripod film lamp)



Be brave in the bedroom

Being a room that doesn’t get as much exposure as the main living areas, a bedroom is a great place to test your love for a wall mural.

Chinese gold peacock wall mural & Forest Wall mural

On the left is a wonderful oriental mural wallpaper reminiscent of a Chinese chinoiserie with its aged metallic gold decorative style. The peacock motif will also perfectly complement a blue colour scheme.
This design is a classic look which never goes out of fashion so you can be sure you won’t be tearing it down once the next trend comes along.

Available from wallpaperking.co.uk

(Furniture featured: Ralph bedstead and Nord lamp table)


On the right is a much more subtle wall covering, offering a calm and serene misty treetop forest view which is bound to lull you into a restful sleep.

The muted green hues will give a lovely backdrop to natural wood and a Nordic Scandi style interior style.

Available from muralswallpaper.co.uk

(Furniture featured: Dexter bedstead and Rimini bedside cabinet)


Bring the outside in

The trend for natural and botanical elements in our homes is still going strong, and there are many flora and fauna designs to choose from for every room in the house, whether you prefer large statements or delicate artwork.

Bold palm tree leaf wall mural & Delicate floral wall mural

Nothing evokes a tropical, botanical vibe more than a palm tree.

On the left ‘Leaf Love’ from Rebel Walls will turn the dullest corner of your home into a lush green oasis. Do you have the courage!?

Available from rebelwalls.com

(Furniture featured: Weston Display Cabinet)


For a more traditional room setting you could try this light and fresh depiction shown on the right of peonies, trees, birds and butterflies.

The delicate design created by design house Coordonne could be used in any room and is available in four colour ways including a dark background version to create a cosier vibe.

Available from beut.co.uk

(Furniture featured: Cheltenham dining set)


Barely there

If simple and modern is more your style but you want to create an impact, try a pale grey line drawing like this one of a mountain range.

Subtle monochrome mountain range wallpaper

A great example of how to evoke the effect of drama without the loud colours and daring shapes.

Available from woodchipandmagnolia.co.uk

(Furniture featured: Avignon dining set)


Strong lines and curves

The welcome upsurge in the popularity of Art Deco home decor has meant we have been reintroducing the definitive curved symmetry back into our homes.

Art Deco wall mural

This bold geometric pattern wallpaper depicts this style perfectly, even down to the 1920s iconic palm trees peaking through for added glamour.

Available from rebelwalls.com

(Furniture featured: Bournemouth 4 drawer chest of drawers)



Create an atmosphere

This understated mural immediately makes you want to reach for a hot chocolate and woolly hat.

Autumnal atmosphere wall mural 

Gently creating an autumnal atmosphere, this mural adds instant cosiness and warmth.
Teamed with brown leather and gold accents results in an inviting room any time of year.

Available from wallpaperking.co.uk

(Furniture featured: Bamburgh leather sofa and Marble nest of tables)



Bespoke option

Finally, if none of these beauties fulfill the style you’re looking for, you can commission your own design, hand painted by a local artist such as this one by Midlands based Jennifer Foxley…

Hand painted mural

Visit her website for more ideas Jennifer Foxley Wall murals


For more ideas, including how to paint your own, visit our Wall Murals Pinterest Board.


Set in our Dudley store with a slate stone mural wall






















Our Dudley and Birmingham stores have lots of inspirational room sets, including some featuring wall murals, so why not pop along to one of our stores or head over to our website for lots of ideas.

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