12th Dec 2019

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Natural Materials gift wrap

A beautifully wrapped gift shows care and consideration. It’s worth spending some extra time on packing to make your present even more special! Get creative and add some personal touch to Christmas gifts and be inspired with this list of easy gift wrapping ideas, including eco friendly options we should all be thinking about…

A beautifully wrapped gift shows care and consideration. It’s worth spending some extra time on packaging to make your present even more special, and they’ll look great under your tree!

Get creative and add some personal touches to Christmas gifts and be inspired with this list of easy gift wrapping ideas, including eco friendly options we should all be thinking about…


Get personal

Gift wrap

Tiny letter beads are a lovely way to add personalisation to a gift, simply string up the letters and knot where appropriate to keep the beads in place. You could add additional coloured beads if you’re feeling really creative!

Beads available in lots of styles and colours from Beads Jar 

Add initials of the recipient of your gifts to matt brown paper for a pretty way of personalising your presents.

Use stamps in a variety of fonts and sizes such as these from Craft Stash or create a similar effect with stencils like the ones available from Crafters Companion.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling artistic, why not hand draw them (perhaps practice first to really refine your style!)

Personalised wrapping paper

Simply using an app on your phone, you can easily upload your favourite photos of friends and family to get their faces printed onto truly unique personalised wrapping paper, there are lots of style to choose from at Funky Pigeon so go wild deciding which suits your loved ones best!


Go Natural


Natural Materials gift wrap

The leaves may have fallen from the trees but there is still a wealth of nature at your finger tips, so pop on your wellies and head for the local woods to scour the forest floor or your garden for pine cones and winter foliage such as holly and spruce branches. If you’re short on time you can buy nature’s treasures online from stores such as Floristry Warehouse.


Berries gift wrap

These red berries are a natural way to add colour to a beautiful gift, find them on holly bushes, but make sure you pick them when they are fresh to prevent sticky messes.


Eucalyptus gift wrap

Eucalyptus is versatile foliage which is very popular at the moment for it’s subtle green leaves and gorgeous scent. We love these little paper lunch bags stamped with christmas messages, tied with simple garden string and adorned with Eucalyptus stems. If you’re lucky you may have such a tree in your garden but if not your local florist is bound to sell it in bunches.


Go Eco Friendly


Thankfully we’re all becoming more environmentally conscious and this is especially prevalent at Christmas time because we consume so much more.

In a bid to help the planet, opt for recycling everyday materials when wrapping your gifts, here are some great ideas…

Map gift wrap

If you’re anything like me, you have a habit of bringing home maps and leaflets for your favourite places after a trip, only to be left gathering dust on a bookshelf or in a drawer.

Artistic maps can be perfect for wrapping up smaller gifts, and if the receiver has also visited that location you are giving a gift wrapped in memories too, who could ask for more!

Add a ribbon (recycled from last year ofcourse!) and you’re good to give.


Recycled cardboard packaging wrapping

Those awkward shaped gifts are a wrappers nightmare, which is where the trusty Christmas gift bag comes into play.

Difficult to be recycled as most of them are coated in a shiny surface or glitter, why not save up cereal boxes or other brightly coloured packaging to use instead. Use a hole punch to add holes to each side and add recycled ribbon or string for the handles. 

Completely free and can be recycled as normal after use.


If you love decorating gifts then starting off with brown Christmas wrapping paper or Kraft paper (easily found in most stationers and post offices everywhere) creates a plain and traditional back drop, plus it can be recycled easily.

Use scraps of fabric, wall paper, left over gift wrap and ribbons left over from previous Christmas gifts to adorn your gifts, you can use tissue paper and even baking paper to make hand made bows (as shown above).

Finally, get into the habit of saving any gift wrapping that comes your way, you can use it year after year and will save a lot of money too.


Check out our Pinterest account where we’ve saved lots more Gift Wrapping ideas for you to inspire you:  Cousins Pinterest


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